Announcing the 2018 Regional Restoration Camps! The CHwB Regional Restoration Camps represent a simple, successful, scalable training model, which grew, from 2007 to 2018, from a few students in Albania to multiple sessions in...› Read more
The Regional Restoration Camps are turning 10 years old! Starting in September 2007 in Gjirokastra, the RRCs have had a long and successful journey. It is a moment to celebrate each of the participants,...› Read more
After two weeks full of lectures, practical works and study tours in the rich ensemble of cultural heritage of Kosovo, the 32nd Regional Restoration Camp concluded successfully. Organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania, in cooperation...› Read more
The award-winning CHwB Regional Restoration Camps are back in 2016. With a series of 7 camps held across the Western Balkans, there are more opportunities than ever to get close to heritage. This year,...› Read more
In the year that marks the 10th anniversary of Gjirokastra’s inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the city of grey roofs became colorful. Around 30 participants from 10 different countries, representing the Western...› Read more
Discovered during archaeological excavations in 1974, the mosaic of Antigonea (5th – 6th century AD) is one of the most important pieces of ancient art in the Drino Valley – known for its unique iconography....› Read more
The textile conservation training organized in Gjirokastra by CHwB Albania and Heritage Without Borders (HWB) has come to a successful end. The course, which was open to museum professionals and students from Albania, Bosnia...› Read more
This year, the award-winning CHwB Regional Restoration Camps are back, with a series of 4 camps held across the Western Balkans. The 21st through 24th Regional Restoration Camps will provide participants with engaging lectures and...› Read more
The 19th Regional Restoration Camp in Gjirokastra, Albania is inspiring participants to think about conservation in new ways and consider working with restoration in their profession. After a week in Gjirokastra, some of them...› Read more
Students and young professionals from Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Sweden are attending this 20th Camp, hosted by the Museum of Mitrovica and in partnership with Heritage Without Borders. Continuing the work of...› Read more