“Artisans of Kruja”
The project “Artisans of Kruja” is implemented by CHwB Albania and funded by the American Albanian Development Foundation (AADF) and aims at the revitalization of the artisanship sector in the bazaar of Kruja. › Download (pdf, 4.72 MB)
Fustanella – Children’s Booklet
This is the seventh installment in the 'E Ka Kush E Ka' children's series, which focuses on the Fustanella. [This PDF contains a few sample pages. Albanian.] › Download (pdf, 5.51 MB)
European Sites of Conscience Network Booklet
CHwB Albania is among 26 members of the European Sites of Conscience Network, which work to promote tolerance amid rising xenophobia and discrimination in Europe today. This booklet describes the work of these members. › Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)
CHwB Regional Restoration Camps Guide
Since 2007, CHwB has implemented twenty-five Regional Restoration Camps. The topics: restoration, museum artifact conservation, local community development › Download (pdf, 8.04 MB)