Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania (CHwB Albania) invites companies with experience to submit proposals for “Printing of four educational booklets“, procurement with reference number 03-2023.  Within the framework of the “Heritage Empowering and Learning...› Read more
Cultural Heritage Without Borders Albania (CHwB Albania) invites experienced companies to submit proposals for the design of a WEB application “Improving the monitoring system of the condition of cultural assets for efficient prioritization of...› Read more
Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania (CHwB Albania) invites experienced companies, organizations or experts’ consortia of international standing to present proposals  for the establishment of a “Management Plan for the former Spaç prison, Albania”, CHwB...› Read more
In the framework of the project “Heritage Empowering and Learning Platforms” the second round of workshops has been implemented in each of the target municipalities of Kavaja, Kruja, and Rrogozhina. The workshop in Kruja...› Read more
“Heritage Empowering and Learning Platforms” project has completed the first round of workshops from the 2nd to the 4th of November 2022 in Kavaja, Kruja and Rrogozhina. The common theme of this first workshop...› Read more
The Castle of Preza represents a very interesting fortified heritage asset, having a very strategic location in the proximity of the capital, and developing in a unique natural landscape set up, on top of...› Read more
The Inauguration ceremony was organized on the 15th of May 2022, to celebrate the finalization of a very challenging and important work, the restoration and structural reinforcement of the two towers and the fortification...› Read more
The “E Ka Kush e Ka” series seeks to include children and adults in a series of books and games through which they discover and rediscover cultural heritage as a bridge, linking us to...› Read more
The Tekke of Dollma, listed as first category monument in Albania for it’s architectural, decorative and typological values, is an important landmark for the local community of the historic city of Kruja, as well...› Read more
The Castle of Kruja rises on a rocky ridge detached from Mount Sarisalltëk and the surrounding rock formations. It is one of the most valuable monuments for the local community of Kruja as well...› Read more