The “E Ka Kush e Ka” series seeks to include children and adults in a series of books and games through which they discover and rediscover cultural heritage as a bridge, linking us to...› Read more
The Tekke of Dollma, listed as first category monument in Albania for it’s architectural, decorative and typological values, is an important landmark for the local community of the historic city of Kruja, as well...› Read more
The Castle of Kruja rises on a rocky ridge detached from Mount Sarisalltëk and the surrounding rock formations. It is one of the most valuable monuments for the local community of Kruja as well...› Read more
Built cultural heritage is irreplaceable and very complex; it evolves in time with many elements and systems of heritage. These assets (elements and systems) are becoming very vulnerable due to the unprecedent changes related...› Read more
The Castle of Preza is believed to have been built around the beginning of the 15th century and it represents an important typology of the feudal medieval fortification, built upon a tuff rocky ridge,...› Read more
Camp Theme: Conservation of Museum Artefacts & Interpretation After a year’s interruption due to the global context of uncertainty, now it is official… The Regional Restoration Camp is coming back stronger this year with...› Read more
The former prison of Spaç is the western-most Stalinist gulag in Europe. Yet this remarkable memory and history landmark for Albania is currently struggling for its survival. Spaç prison is one of the most...› Read more
Object of the tender: Conservation and Structural rehabilitation of the Tekke of Dollma (First Category monument) -Damaged from the earthquake of November 2019. Cultural Heritage without Borders–Albania  (CHwB – Albania) in collaboration with The National...› Read more
The Tower C of the fortifications in Durres, the Tekke of Dolma & the Clock Tower in the Castle of Kruja and the Tower & fortification walls of the Castle of Preza – were...› Read more
One day training with 14 volunteers and 2 full days spent in two different secondary public squares, with 2 communities in Tirana, for the finalisation of the project “Design and Heritage Empower Communities”. This...› Read more