‘E Ka Kush E Ka’ Children’s Series


The collection “E Ka Kush e Ka” seeks to include children and adults in a series of books and games through which they discover and rediscover cultural heritage as a bridge, linking us to the complexities of the world around us. Cultural heritage is not only about learning facts; it is an ideal educational and entertaining support for learning about and exploring new things, other people and our society. It is an instrument that helps with self-reflection, skills and mental vivacity… a path toward citizenship and mutual respect, where the search for meaning is foremost.

The collection is also being used for the Heritage Ateliers. These activities are aimed at children and combine site excursions with hands-on classroom sessions. In 2014 alone, CHwB held 6 Heritage Ateliers in several Albanian cities for more than 170 children and 30 teachers and parents.

In 2015, 15 Heritage Ateliers were held in 8 cities in Albania and Kosovo. 267 children become part of them, including 36 parents or teachers.

As of today, the series contains the following installments:


You can download samples of four of the booklets by clicking on the links below (documents in Albanian):

hamami_3yo_shqip_ web_sample




Building the Babameto House paper model: