7 site management plans—Heritage management & cross-border cooperation

7 Site Management Plans Map

The core of this project was to establish a common methodology for 7 management plans for sites in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. In order to be effective, this methodology had to take into account all the differences in nature, characteristics and conditions of individual sites, as well as the different socio-political, legal, cultural and economic contexts surrounding them.

Gjatë diskutimit për vlerat në kuadër të punëtorisë I në Prizren.

Perhaps more importantly, the project also contributed to strengthening the ties among heritage-related practices and professionals—thus bringing long-divided communities closer together, while providing a set of pioneering management tools for heritage sites in the Balkans.

The project was financed by the European Union through the Regional Cooperation Council Task Force on Culture and Society (RCCTFCS), Montenegro and it serves the program “Sustaining the Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in the Western Balkans” within the framework of the Ljubljana Process II.