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Albania is at a crossroads in its development; it is growing and changing rapidly, yet still held back by...› Read more
The public bath has long been an important element of social life in this region. From Roman baths as places...› Read more
The CHwB Regional Restoration Camps represent a simple, successful, scalable training model, which grew, from 2007 to 2015, from...› Read more
The collection “E Ka Kush e Ka” seeks to include children and adults in a series of books and games...› Read more
European Sites of Conscience Network Booklet
CHwB Albania is among 26 members of the European Sites of Conscience Network, which work together towards a common goal: to promote tolerance amid rising xenophobia and discrimination in Europe today. This booklet describes the work of these members. › Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)
CHwB Regional Restoration Camps Guide
Since 2007, CHwB has implemented twenty-five Regional Restoration Camps. The topics: restoration, museum artifact conservation, local community development › Download (pdf, 8.04 MB)
Bridges to the Future – Project presentations
24 highlighted projects are presented in annexes of the "Bridges to the Future" publication. Take a look at examples of CHwB work across the world. › Download (pdf, 16.67 MB)